Silent Auctions

Bid online

Our silent auctions are available via our online bidding system Galabid.

To register please text lunch23 and your first and last name to 2834 e.g. lunch23 Joe Blogs.

You will then receive a text with a registration link, click through to complete the registration process and then you will be ready to bid once the auction is open.

We encourage guests attending the Long Lunch to register before the event, as it can get busy when you arrive.  Our team will be available on the day to assist you register if you need some help.

Prizes will be displayed throughout the day so be sure to check them out. You will also find them listed in the event booklet.

If you aren’t attending the Long Lunch – you can still take part in our silent auctions – and we’d love you to not only get involved with the bidding, but to share the details around to friends, family and colleagues who may also be interested in bidding and raising funds for True Colours.

A big thank you to all the businesses that have kindly sponsored our silent auctions.